Doc Martens

Twit #1

I’m “Doc” …or legally known as Carl Martens, but I’ve had a (very) FEW illegal moments in my life, however, that is NOT the reason for my nickname.  It WILL be revealed during the Podcast…

I was born and raised in Sheboygan, WI.  I began piano lessons at age 4 – like Tchaikovsky – but that’s where the similarity ends.  I had visions of becoming a concert pianist – even when entering the University of Wisconsin.  However, as a typical freshman, spending time focusing on girls was much more satisfying than spending 6 hours a day sitting in front of a piano keyboard.  Thus, I changed majors to Voice and Theatre.  Much more rewarding!  That prepared me to sing some opera, while establishing a career in the Travel Industry which lasted over 30 years.

During this period, I also became immersed with conducting Broadway Musicals with full orchestra, and choral groups for over 45 years.  It was also during this period that I met Clark Eide – initially in the travel industry – and then sharing the stage with our Doo-wop group, The Fabulous Fourmel’dyhides.  We traveled extensively for 5 years and produced several CDs.  My wife, Lynn, also a musician, traveled with us, composing some of our arrangements, while running the sound and lights.  She survived!!!

Most of this occurred while living in Omaha and Lincoln, NE - where almost 30 years were spent, exploring the world, cultures, music, and finding the humor in virtually everything, before moving to San Diego in 2000 with the Quartet.  San Diego did prove to be a most exciting…and beautiful home base.  I entered the Public Speaking Workshop industry – and authored a corresponding book, “More than Your Words,” which is available on Amazon.

After a congenial divorce, Denver was calling.  Mountains don’t quite take the place of the Pacific Ocean but are a darn good substitute!

Besides my regular activity narrating books for Audible, it was here that Clark and I collaborated with the Podcast, “Two Twits & Twain.”  As it turns out, both of us had an insatiable appetite for the Wit, Wisdom, and Humor of Mark Twain.

And that brings us to the present…and who knows what will happen next?!